Toyota Supra X AVANT GARDE SR02

Reintroduced in 2019, the Toyota Supra initially garnered harsh criticism in comparison to the legendary status of the previous model years. As the years have passed and the aftermarket support has grown, the once hated sports car has newfound appreciation by enthusiasts all around the globe. Courtesy to our friends over at @genesis1autoconcepts, we present to you a widebody Toyota Supra on our Avant Garde Wheels SR2 finished in Full Brushed Grigio.

Outfitted with a Streethunters widebody and full lip kit, the Supra has a more aggressive appearance–something that was lacking on the rear quarter panels. To fill out the freshly widened fender wells, we outfitted our SR2 to provide a timeless JDM look with modern day touches. The Full Brushed Grigio finish accents the custom wrapped purple nicely.

Please check out the information below in regards to the wheel displayed on this Toyota Supra:

F: 19×10
R: 19×12

Vehicle: Toyota Supra

WheelAvant Garde SR2

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