Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with 22″ M652 Wheels



Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with 22″ M652 Wheels


The one that started it all.

When Rudy was in the market for new wheels for his Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT (WK2), performance was a main concern. Enhanced with a ProCharger sugercharger (among other aftermarket goodies), Rudy was looking to build the ultimate daily driver that can also have a little fun on the drag strip. However, he also wanted to step up from the stock 20” wheels to a 22” size for a more aggressive overall stance. Normally, this would seem like a contradictory decision, but our Advanced Rim Technology (A.R.T) M600-Series designs allowed him to do exactly this.

Rudy opted for our 22×10.5” Avant Garde M652 in a Bespoke Level 3 Smoked Mirror finish. Since our Avant Garde M652 is available with custom offsets in all sizes, we were able to give his SRT the more aggressive wheel fitment he was aiming for. On top of this, our 22” Avant Garde M652 is lighter than the OEM Jeep wheel/tire setup despite being bigger and wider than the stock wheels.

Since then, the 22” Avant Garde M652 has proven to be one of our most popular designs for the performance-minded Jeep SRT / SRT8 owners. Currently, we also offer our Avant Garde M580 and M615 in 22 inch configurations for Jeep fitment, and the Avant Garde M632 is planned for the near future.

Owner: Rudy (@srt_leon)  

Photographer: Brad Sillars (@bradsillars)

Vehicle: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Wheel: Avant Garde M652

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