Tesla Model 3 x Avant Garde M590


The revolution is now upon us. The era of commuter friendly, performance electric cars has arrived.  Gone are the days of slow and boring electric cars that were made to get from point-a to point-b while being the most efficient as possible. Now, you can feed your need for speed with a Tesla.

Featuring a recently released Tesla Model 3 fitted on our 19-inch Avant Garde Wheels M590 finish in our standard Satin Silver finish to provide a classy, yet sporty factory look.

From factory, the Model 3 comes equipped with a split-five spoke wheel hidden by an full-face aero plate to maximize aerodynamics. The wheel hidden underneath the plate looks great but the 18″ size leaves a lot of room and gap under the wheel well.

The client opted to size up to a 19″ size and switch things up with a mesh design to obtain a more sporty, yet classy look for his Model 3. The AG M590 offers a thin split-spoke mesh design with accented spoke detailing to provide a chiseled, aggressive look. Finished in a factory Satin Silver, the wheel complements the Tesla well and offers good contrast to the overall look of the car compared to the gloss black stock wheel.

Please check out the information below in regards to the wheel displayed on this Tesla Model 3:

F: 19×8.5 235/40/19
R: 19×8.5 235/40/19

Vehicle: Tesla Model 3

WheelAvant Garde M590

For more information about the M650, please visit our website at – http://avantgardewheels.com/avant-garde-classic/m590/