BMW M3 with 20″ F541 SPEC1 Wheels



BMW M3 with 20″ F541 SPEC1 Wheels


As a high-end paint and collision repair specialist, Tanner’s Customs in Kansas City makes no sacrifice when it comes to their personal shop builds. This BMW F80 M3 is a perfect example of his dedication and is no exception.

When it comes to ultimate performance sedans, the BMW M3 always seems to be the first car to pop into everyone’s minds since the E90 to today’s F80. Not wanting to sacrifice the countless hours of engineering that went into the OEM M adaptive suspension, Tanner’s Customs decided to go with a lowering spring to give the car a more aggressive stance without sacrificing ride quality. The ongoing build was also accented with a few carbon fiber parts to enhance the OEM+ styling they had in mind.

However, as we know, wheels can be the most significant visual and performance modification. For the discerning customer that won’t make any sacrifices, a custom 3-piece forged wheel is the only way to go. As we individually engineer and machine each wheel in-house at our California headquarters, we were able to machine the wheels to fit exactly to our customer’s specifications. In the end, Tanner’s Customs went with our Avant Garde F541 in a SPEC1 configuration, concave faces with stepped lips. With a slight directional twist, the Avant Garde F541 is an updated version of the classic mesh wheel. In order to accentuate the aggressive styling, the Avant Garde F541 was engineered with a staggered concave profile.

In order to truly make their wheel something unique, Tanner’s Customs opted for Gloss Black centers with Polished Liquid Bronze hardware and lips. The inner barrel is powder coated Matte Black to further accentuate the finishing options on the wheel. As a reputable shop with a discriminating eye for paint and finishing, we were extremely flattered when we received feedback from Tanner’s Customs:

“I’ve owned my share of custom wheels in the past and I’m pretty positive this set is going to be my favorite.”

Owner: Tanner’s Customs (@tannerscustoms)

Photographer: Kyle Yoder (@kyle_944)

Vehicle: BMW M3

Wheel: AG Function F541 SPEC1

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