Ferrari F430 x Avant Garde M650

One of the last fine stallions to be offered in a manual transmission. The line of Ferraris has seen its many years of evolution and refinement starting from the birth of its motorsport heritage. Underappreciated for its day, the Ferrari F430 will one day be a highly sought after car to add to one’s collection.

Featuring GS Motorsports’ Ferrari F430 outfitted with our latest 20-inch Avant Garde Wheels M650 finished in Gloss Machined Gold Bullion giving the supercar a refined, modern day look.

From factory, the F430 comes equipped with a split five-spoke monoblock that leaves more to be desired. With a thin and round spoke profile, the standard wheel does not profile the imposing appearance that the F430 needs.

To give the Ferrari a updated look, was one of our Midwestern dealers, Tunergoods (@tunergoods) who recommended our latest flow form wheel, the M650. Featuring a similar split five-spoke design, the M650 offers an aggressive concaved spoke design that provides an improved overall look to the vehicle. The M650 features our A.R.T. (Advanced Rim Technology) Flow Form process that strengthens overall structure of the wheel while reducing the overall weight compared to a traditional cast wheel. Giving the F430 an eye-catching and alluring look is the Gloss Machined Gold Bullion finish that was chosen to provide some dynamic contrast to the red body paint finish of the car.

Specifications: 20×9″/ 20×11″

Shop: TunerGoods (@tunergoods)

Vehicle: Ferrari F430

Wheel: Avant Garde M650

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