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Avant Garde Wheels is a manufacturer and distributor of high-end, cast and fully forged wheels. Manufactured with performance-driven engineering in mind.

Advanced Rim Technology (A.R.T) utilizes the latest in spin forming manufacturing to produce a wheel that is significantly lighter than traditional cast wheels with enhanced strength comparable to fully forged wheels. Each design is available with custom machining for individualized wheel fitments.
What started it all. With a variety of styles available, each set is engineered with specific vehicles in mind to provide an aggressive, yet functional OEM+ fitment on street applications. Consisting of designs that have stood the test of time, the Classic series is the perfect accent for any vehicle.
Completely custom wheel configurations with our largest range of styles for any vehicle. Each set is built to order with fitments engineered and catered to your personal preference. All wheels are manufactured using aerospace-grade aluminum and exclusively with US components.
The AG Luxury collection is meticulously designed to complement high-end vehicle aesthetics and accentuate their commanding presence. Each order is individually engineered and assembled in-house utilizing aerospace-grade forged aluminum with American made components.


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